Microsoft Teams is Getting New AI Tools : And They’re Free In 2023

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Microsoft Teams has been a game-changer in the world of business collaboration, with its ability to bring teams together in a single, secure place. Now, Microsoft is taking things one step further by offering new, free AI tools that are designed to alter the way businesses collaborate. These new capabilities will make it even easier for teams to work together, with tools that help manage tasks, streamline workflows, and even forecast what you need before you ask for it.

Microsoft Teams is Getting New AI Tools : And They’re Free In 2023

In this blog article, we’ll investigate these new AI tools and how they can help you take your cooperation to the next level. Whether you’re a tiny business owner or part of a larger team, these tools are likely to make your workday more efficient and productive. So let’s dive in and explore what Microsoft Teams has in store for us!

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Introduction to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration and messaging platform developed by Microsoft. It was first released in 2017 as a competitor to Slack, promising a more integrated approach to communication and collaboration across teams and organizations.

The platform contains a range of services like as chat, file sharing, video conferencing, and project management tools. Microsoft Teams is part of the Microsoft 365 family of products and is available to organizations and individuals alike.

Microsoft Teams is Getting New AI Tools : And They’re Free In 2023

With more and more enterprises embracing remote work and distributed teams, Microsoft Teams has become a vital tool for many businesses to stay connected and productive.

The platform has continued to expand, with new features and tools being added constantly, including the recent inclusion of free AI tools that can alter the way teams connect and work together. In this blog article, we’ll take a closer look at Microsoft Teams and the new AI features that are now available to users.

What are AI-powered tools and how might they help collaboration?

AI-powered technologies are transforming the way we work and collaborate with our teams. These products use artificial intelligence to automate processes, generate insights, and improve communication. Microsoft Teams has recently introduced a new set of free AI-powered solutions that can help organizations increase their collaboration and productivity.

One of the most useful AI-powered tools for cooperation is the automated translation option. This feature helps team members who speak different languages to interact successfully without the need for a translator. The tool employs machine learning to automatically translate messages into the user’s selected language. This functionality is very valuable for worldwide teams or teams that work with international clients.

Microsoft Teams is Getting New AI Tools : And They’re Free In 2023

Another interesting AI-powered tool for cooperation is the background noise suppression capability. This feature uses AI to filter out background noise during video chats and meetings. This ensures that team members can communicate clearly and without distraction, even if they are working in noisy locations.

The final tool is the virtual commuting option. This tool assists team members to start and conclude their workday more effectively. It provides a series of exercises and thought prompts to assist users transition between work and personal time. The program also helps users to prioritize their work and set goals for the day ahead.

In short, AI-powered solutions are altering the way we collaborate and work together. By automating activities, offering insights, and increasing communication, these solutions can allow firms to boost their efficiency and fulfill their goals. The new AI-powered tools from Microsoft Teams are a good example of how businesses can leverage technology to better collaboration and achieve success.

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Overview of Microsoft Teams’ latest AI-powered features

Microsoft Teams has transformed communication in the workplace by releasing a range of new AI-powered features that are available for free to all users. These features have been created to help teams work smarter and quicker by automating common activities, enhancing communication, and increasing productivity.

Microsoft Teams is Getting New AI Tools : And They’re Free In 2023

One of the most fascinating new features is the AI-powered backdrop blur, which employs machine learning techniques to blur the background of a video conversation. This is particularly handy for remote teams who may be working from home or in a noisy setting. The background blur helps to keep the attention on the speaker and decrease distractions, making for more effective meetings.

Another powerful feature is the AI-powered inline message translation. This tool can automatically translate communications in different languages into your local language, helping to break down language barriers and allow better collaboration amongst worldwide teams.

Microsoft Teams has also launched an AI-powered scheduling assistant, which can manage scheduling duties for you. This function can recommend meeting times that work for everyone, arrange conference rooms, and send out meeting invitations on your behalf. This saves time and streamlines the scheduling process, allowing teams to focus on what actually important.

Microsoft Teams is Getting New AI Tools : And They’re Free In 2023

Finally, Microsoft Teams’ new AI-powered search tool makes it easier than ever to find the information you need. With natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, the search feature can interpret complex questions and offer relevant results rapidly. This implies that teams can spend less time seeking for information and more time getting work done.

Overall, these AI-powered features are a game-changer for companies aiming to revolutionize cooperation. They offer unprecedented levels of automation, collaboration, and productivity that can alter the way teams work together.

How to use ‘Together Mode’ to boost teamwork

Microsoft Teams’ new ‘Together Mode’ is a groundbreaking tool that boosts cooperation and takes it to the next level. It is a virtual environment that substitutes the conventional grid of video conferencing with a shared background that makes it look like everyone is in the same room.

This feature employs AI segmentation technology to cut out each participant and position them in the same virtual space, making it simpler to understand body language and expressions and promoting a more genuine dialogue.

Microsoft Teams is Getting New AI Tools : And They’re Free In 2023

To use ‘Together Mode’ in your collaboration, first, you need to confirm that you have the newest version of Microsoft Teams. Once you have modified your Microsoft Teams, head to the top right of your screen and click on your profile image.

From here, pick ‘Settings’ and then click on ‘General’. You will notice the option to enable ‘Together Mode’, and after you have enabled it, you may start a meeting and pick ‘Together Mode’ as your preferred view.

The ‘Together Mode’ function is particularly valuable for remote teams that are trying to retain a sense of togetherness and find themselves feeling alienated. It helps to recreate the impression of being in the same room and, in turn, stimulates greater communication and collaboration. Once you start utilizing ‘Together Mode’, you’ll realize how it helps to build a more comfortable and productive environment and transform the way you communicate with your team.

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How ‘Dynamic View’ can transform video calls

With the new free AI tools from Microsoft Teams, video calls are about to get much better. One of the latest improvements to Teams is the ‘Dynamic View’ feature, which is poised to transform the way we conduct video conversations.

Dynamic View is aimed to enhance the overall video conferencing experience by altering the layout of the session, based on the content that is being shared or discussed. This implies that Teams will automatically alter the structure of the call, so that participants can see what’s most essential at any given time.

Microsoft Teams is Getting New AI Tools : And They’re Free In 2023

For example, if one member is sharing their screen, Dynamic View will automatically modify the layout so that their screen takes up the majority of the screen space. If numerous persons are speaking, their video feeds will be clearly shown, so that everyone can see who is talking.

This functionality is particularly handy for bigger calls, when it might be difficult to keep track of who is speaking or what content is being exchanged. With Dynamic View, users can focus on what’s most important, without getting distracted by superfluous details.

Overall, Dynamic View is a game-changer for video conversations, and it’s just one of the many new AI-powered capabilities that Microsoft Teams has to offer. By making video chats more dynamic and engaging, it’s sure to revolutionize the way we collaborate in the years to come.

Using ‘Speaker Attribution’ to increase meeting efficiency

Meetings can be a time-consuming component of our workday, especially if there are many individuals involved. Microsoft Teams’ new AI capability ‘Speaker Attribution’ can assist increase meeting productivity by detecting and transcribing who is speaking at any given time. With this application, you can quickly keep track of who has spoken and what was said, making it easy to reference later on.

Using 'Speaker Attribution' to increase meeting efficiency

This function is particularly beneficial in larger gatherings when it may often be difficult to keep track of who said what. By transcribing the conversation and attributing it to each speaker, the technology helps ensure that everyone gets an opportunity to speak and that their contributions are appropriately documented. This can also make it easier to follow up on action items or choices made during the meeting.

Moreover, using the speaker attribution option, you can also use the transcription to write meeting minutes or summaries, saving time and ensuring that all attendees have a clear grasp of what was discussed and decided upon.

Overall, Microsoft Teams’ new AI capability ‘Speaker Attribution’ is a game-changer for enhancing meeting productivity and streamlining cooperation.

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‘Live Captions’ and ‘Transcripts’ for enhanced accessibility and productivity

Microsoft Teams has recently announced two new AI-powered tools that aim to increase accessibility and productivity for users: ‘Live Captions’ and ‘Transcripts’.
‘Live Captions’ function by presenting real-time captions of what is being said during a conference or call, which is excellent for those who are hard of hearing or need extra assistance to follow along with the conversation.

This function also has the added benefit of aiding in language understanding for non-native speakers, making it easier to keep up with the discussion.

'Live Captions' and 'Transcripts' for enhanced accessibility and productivity

‘Transcripts’ on the other hand, allow users to save a written record of the meeting or call. This is highly handy for note-taking, as well as providing a reference for anyone who was unable to attend the meeting but needs to know what was discussed.

Both of these features not only improve accessibility for users, but also boost productivity by expediting the note-taking process, reducing the need for participants to manually transcribe meeting notes. This saves time and allows users to focus more on the conversation at hand, rather than taking notes.

Overall, the addition of ‘Live Captions’ and ‘Transcripts’ to Microsoft Teams’ range of capabilities is a great move towards making collaboration more inclusive and efficient for all users.

How ‘Priority Notifications’ can help reduce distractions

One of the major challenges of remote work is managing distractions. When you’re working from home, there are innumerable things that might distract your focus away from work, and it’s easy to feel like you’re always on call. Fortunately, Microsoft Teams’ latest AI features can help.

One of these tools is Priority Notifications. This feature lets you to mark a message as urgent, so that your receiver receives a notification even if they have notifications turned off. This is excellent for when you need to attract someone’s attention straight quickly, but don’t want to bombard them with regular notifications.

How 'Priority Notifications' can help reduce distractions

Priority Notifications is also great for reducing distractions. When you label a message as urgent, you can be confident that your receiver will see it immediately away, so you don’t have to worry about following up or sending additional messages. This can help you stay focused on your work, knowing that you can grab your team’s attention when you need it.

Overall, Priority Notifications is a powerful tool for remote workers. By using this function, you may eliminate distractions, stay focused on your work, and ensure that essential messages are noticed immediately away. If you’re looking for methods to boost cooperation and productivity with your team, make sure to check out Microsoft Teams’ latest AI features.

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‘Cortana Voice Assistance’ for hands-free cooperation

One of the most groundbreaking aspects in Microsoft Teams’ new AI tools is the ‘Cortana Voice Assistance’ feature. With this function, you may use your voice to control your meetings and conversations hands-free. This implies that you may be more productive and collaborate more efficiently without being attached to your computer or gadget.

'Cortana Voice Assistance' for hands-free cooperation

For example, during a meeting, you can use voice commands to establish a call, join a meeting, or share your screen. You can also use Cortana to set reminders, send messages, and make calls, all without disrupting your workflow.

This feature is especially handy for people who are always on the go or who work in jobs where they need their hands free, such as in a factory or on a construction site.

With Cortana Voice Assistance, you can stay connected and productive no matter where you are or what you’re doing, making it a game-changer for collaboration and communication in the office.


In conclusion, Microsoft Teams’ new AI-powered collaboration features have the potential to transform the way we work and collaborate. With tools like automatic transcription and translation, as well as the option to blur backdrops during video calls, Teams is making communication more accessible, efficient, and user-friendly.

The future potential for these technologies is immense, as Microsoft continues to invest in AI and machine learning technology. We should expect to see even more advanced capabilities in the next years, such as personalized meeting summaries, AI-powered scheduling, and predictive analytics for project management.

Microsoft Teams is Getting New AI Tools : And They’re Free In 2023

As remote work becomes more widespread and communication becomes increasingly crucial, AI-powered technologies like those offered by Microsoft Teams will become essential for enterprises of all kinds. By taking advantage of these technologies, teams can operate more productively and with greater ease, leading to higher outputs and greater success.

We hope you enjoyed learning about Microsoft Teams’ new free AI technologies that can change your collaborative efforts. With the power of AI, you can now make your team collaboration more effective, productive and seamless.

Microsoft Teams’ new features will assist you to communicate better, automate monotonous chores, and stay focused on what really matters. So, if you haven’t already, give them a try and see the difference they may make in your collaborative efforts! Thank you for reading and happy collaborating!

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